Back from Hell

“According to Dante, the road to moral redemption can be reached only after confronting evil in the world and in one’s self.” There are nine circles of hell and I feel as though we have been on a tour of at least seven in the past thirteen days. To watch someone you love be in pain and be completely helpless is at least one level of hell. To be afraid that person may never come back to you as the person they have always been is another – to think they might die is well , about as far down as you can go. I’ve heard that God brings us trials to teach us things and if this was a lesson I hope I am learning it and that He will give me a rest because I feel like my heart is like dandilion fluff – one good breeze and the pieces would scatter forever. I have felt God holding me up and it is only through Him that I was able to do every single thing I knew to make this okay. I know that god guided the docs and nurses – even the ones who were wrong and sometime I will understand it but for now I am just tired and so very thankful that we are home and that Dale is recovering. He is so weak and still has some pain but we have come through hell and I can’t believe that God would have brought us this far if He didn’t have a plan for our future. I have to trust and rely on that. For now I am going to just sleep in my own bed and pray that Dale is able to sleep through the night. For all the prayers and caring that came our way – there are no words. I felt each and every prayer and it held me together when I needed it and pulled me through multiple melt-downs. Goodnight friends, and thank you God.