I did some thinking the last few days about what I would do with the computer lab at work if I could make the decisions and had the money to implement them. Here is some wishful thinking. I would cover the existing chalkboards with whiteboard. I would install shelves under the whiteboard for backpacks and books so I wouldn’t be tripping over them anymore (plus it would be a little harder to smuggle food and drink near a computer). I would knock down the wall between the lab and the classroom next to it and make it all lab. I would of course purchase newer equipment to replace the computers already there. I would add a color printer. I would use the new added space for several centers. One would be for graphics oriented projects – several computers (at least one mac since I’m dreaming), a scanner and color printer and software for graphic editing. Another center for video and audio editing complete with headphones that could be wiped down between users. Both centers would of course be equipped with appropriate software. There would also be an area for assembling projects. A few large tables with scissors, glue, staplers, highlighters. It would also be great to have a walled off area for teachers with computers and a coffee machine. I would wish for fairly short – maybe thirty minute tutorials on software and technology integration available where teachers could come and just kick back and get help if they need it or work on their own in an atmosphere that made it seem more like a break than staff development. No fluorescent lighting – an arm chair or two and space to spread out and work if needed. I could probably think of more given the time but I know it’s all a daydream anyway. If you’re going to dream you might as well dream big!

2 thoughts on “Technodreams

  1. Denise

    This is a great plan!!! I agree about adding space…teacher area…backpack storage…good ideas! We need to put our ideas together for a new library complete with computer lab!!! What a pair we would make…but how fabulous would that be???

    Miss you!!!

  2. Dee

    We would be the techno-resource-literary goddesses! All we need is a big pile of money and a little power LOL Hope to be back by the end of the week. Gotta go – hoping the doc will be in to give us some GOOD news. This is a nice place but I’m tired of living here. Hope we can come home and I can come work next week. Dee

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