Nice Software, Nice Price

There was a good article on free educational software on NewsForge.The author talks about his childs elementary school class having several older Windows 98 computers and no educational software to run on them and then lists some very good open source software that he installed for them. I know we have a few computers that would fit the bill for this. I’d really like to try setting one up for use in the lifeskills class.

There was a some discussion on Digg about the article and I looked at some of the software. GcomprisX looks wonderful. there are math games, typing, geography, mouse skills, colors, sounds, and more. TuxPaint is a very neat little graphics program and TuxMath is based on the old Missile Command game and lets the kids shoot missiles if they get the correct answer. Anagramarama lets you find as many words as you can in as short a time as possible. It teaches spelling among other things. There is so much more available than there was when my kids were little it almost makes me wish they were little again – almost….