Passing the Test

The preliminary result for the blood culture they did on Dale shows nothing growing. This is a very good sign so we are hopeful. He is at dialysis tonight and he will feel better after that. It’s amazing how small your world becomes and what you get used to very quickly. It’s also amazing how you find joy in tiny everyday things that used to go completely un-noticed. We have spent more time alone in the last few weeks than we have in years and we have realized how lucky we are. We have each other, two great kids, and wonderful friends. We also have decent health insurance which a lot of folks do not have and I wonder how they manage and if the quality of care suffers. I know it must for the most part. I know that we have a lot of folks praying for us and I feel in my heart that prayer has made the difference. Time to go to the center and pick Dale up so more later.