Still Hanging In

Well for those of you that know me we are back at Baylor.  We have been here since Friday morning of last week and are really hoping to come home this Friday.  Dale had a huge abscess in his abdomen and according to the docs they removed a liter of “impressive” fluid from him.  Evidently impressive is not a word you want the docs to use when they are talking about your body but we are having another abcess drained today and maybe that will help us turn the corner.  This has been the least fun experience of my life so I can’t imagine what is has been like for him having to actually go through all this stuff.  He has improved enough that I borrow a wheel chair and take him down to the garden here.  It’s funny but everytime I feel whiny we meet people who have so much more on their plates than we do. I met a lady yesterday who has a nineteen year old diabetic daughter.  She had a kidney and pancreas transplant and because of complications they have been here for 11 months!  We are blessed that we will not have to be here much longer and that we have friends supporting and praying for us (as well as keeping an eye on our kids!)  More later and hopefully posted from home very soon!