Smacked Upside the Head

It has been an incredibly long day and we are back home from the hospital temporarily. I have already cooked tomorrow’s supper and I’m going to get in a quick post before I become unconsious. I was reading one of my favorite blogs tonight and the post was about sharing creative thinking as opposed to hoarding it. As I read it I felt like I had been smacked upside the head. In everything – staff development at work, the medical community, our city council, even my personal life – change doesn’t come about because of something we do – it comes from a change in thinking. We are so busy “doing” these days that we are not paying attention. We are each stuck in our little narrow path and while the corporate world may want to hoard ideas and information, I think the majority of us just don’t take time to HAVE ideas much less share them. This isn’t a new lesson for me – a friend used to have a saying that went “I can’t always change my situation, but I can always change my attitude towards my situation.” We don’t have to think most of the time to get through our job, our day, our lives. It’s a gift we should give ourselves as frequently as possible. For myself, I know that most of the mistakes I make in my life are from spur of the moment, emotionally driven actions – no thought involved there. I know I drove home from Dallas today on autopilot – nearly a hundred miles of non-thinking. If you were on the highway coming from Dallas this afternoon, that realization should give you pause. I’ll think about that tomorrow.