Here we go again

We are on our way to Baylor again in the morning. There is still an abscess and hopefully they will just put in a drain again. I am praying he doesn’t have to have abdominal surgery. There are some other issues that we need to address while we are there this time and as much as I hate being there I will try to make Dale stay til he is really ready to come home. I think we came home too soon the last time.

I am taking a laptop with me this time and will spend some time playing with linux. So far I am very impressed. I know that there is a lot to the nuts and bolts of installing linux to begin with that I have no clue about. Once it is installed though it is wonderful! I have been able to surf the net, check email, install applications, create a few spreadsheets in OpenOffice, and listen to my music on it. I intend to spend some time learning a little more about the gnu graphics app gimp and maybe playing with Scribus a little while we are in the hospital. I don’t have wireless yet but I can get on the internet in the health sciences library at Baylor and I will have my jump drive with me. I also saved some webpages to it today so I could read them later. It pops up and tells you when there is an update and goes about it’s business without bothering you a bit. I plan to write some posts for my blog and then upload them later. It recognized my jump drive immediately and my mouse as well. So far – big thumbs up!

5 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. Denise

    Sounds like you’re having great fun with the laptop. Linux and all that other stuff, huh? You’ll come back to work in August ready to change everything!

    Praying for you and Dale and the kiddos. Denise

  2. Jessica

    I misss you and dad bunches!!! Luckily I can go to work during the day instead of just sitting around the house! lol I love you and Daddy lots and lots!!!! See ya when y’all when u get home tuesday (hopefully *knock on wood*)

  3. Sally

    Just wanted to hear an update….hope you are home (this is Monday) and all’s well. Miss ya! Sally

  4. Debbie Perry


    I am presently attending your class on edublogging–interesting! Yet, while exploring your blogs I discovered that you and your husband are walking through a difficult time. I just thought I would take a moment to pray for your family for strength, comfort, and a clear awareness of God’s presence.

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