Tech Fair is Over

I was honored to do a morning and afternoon session and there were some good questions, great participation, and a few people who created their own blogs. If I’m honest I think I was better in the morning than the afternoon – more energy. The afternoon group didn’t seem to have as many questions. I have added a link on my wiki to a bloglines tutorial for those who are interested. I walked both groups through the process of setting up an account but I did not provide a handout for this part so if you need something to refer back to you can try this link.

The only drawback to TechFair is that the presenters are busy presenting and so can’t attend other sessions. I would really like to have sat in on the Elmo presentation and the MySpace presentation. We are going to have to start recording in video or at least in audio. It would be great to podcast some of these sessions. With the proximity of several school districts it would be fun to have one big event over several days and have folks from other districts present as well.

Monday I co-presented with our awesome librarian on email, copyright issues, lab scheduling, computer repairs, and library resources. I created the first part of our slides in OpenOffice using a laptop that runs Ubuntu. I saved it as a .ppt file and sent my part to our librarian who was able to add her slides without even knowing that it hadn’t originated in Powerpoint. I have had no problem tranferring documents back and forth between Microsoft and Ubuntu and so far I am very pleased with Ubuntu.