Ready or Not Tomorrow is TechFair!

I didn’t accomplish everything today that I wanted to get done but it will do. I will go early tomorrow and it will be fine. I have some anxiety, not because I don’t know the material. My concern is my ability to teach it and to impart my enthusiasm for blogging to the group. I see rss feeds on our school webpage in the future. I imagine conversations that don’t end with the school year and possible continue throughout a students high school career. I know everyone won’t embrace this new technology but if even a few take it and run with it I think it will be worth it. I want to make sure that they all walk out subscribed to blogs and with the knowledge to show their students how to subscribe as well. I have tutorials for creating blogs and we will go through that process as well. I have an activity to show the semantic connections and I have some sample blogs to show them. I want to just touch on podcasts and wikis just to introduce the ideas. That is the plan so if all the equipment works we should be able to make good use of the time.
I got home late, rushed in and cooked dinner, Dale ate and took some cold medicine against my better judgement and was violently ill. I’m sitting here typing with my feet propped up while I should be doing some laundry. I also need to cook tomorrow’s supper because it will be a dialysis night and Dale will need to eat before I get home so he will be ready to go on time. I will eat a bowl of cereal later – I’ve learned not to eat when I’m “fizzing” around as Dale calls it.

Thursday will be another “hit the ground running” day. All the new school year work that needs to be done on teacher computers is already being done by some but others will need help. Joe is beng run ragged and I feel bad that I couldn’t help today. Everyone wants everything done right NOW. I plan on wearing comfortable shoes.