I’ve been taking part in an online game called MacHeist. Each week there are clues to follow and if you solve you end up with some free applications for the Mac. It has been fun and while the applications have not all been things I would use it has been interesting to be a part of a community of Mac users. The “loot” had included Soulver, a nice calculator that uses plain English, Chat Transcript Manager, Assignment Planner, Quickscale, American History Lux (which my son LOVES), Notepad (widget), Cha-Ching, and 1Passwd. 1Passwd is a password manager, automatic web form filler and more. This is week two. As a Mac newbie it has been a great way for me to explore some different pieces of software. There is a fun and creative aspect to the Mac community that I have never seen with PCs. I know that this is a great way for some developers to promote their software but this is so much cooler than a run-of-the-mill ad. Kudos to Phill Ryu, John Casasanta, Scott Meinzer, Adam Betts, Chiraag Mundhe, and Joe kavanaugh.

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