Thanksgiving 2006

Well my maple-pumpkin pie is in the oven, the dressing is in the pan, ready to bake and Dale will make fruit salad while the dressing is baking before we go to Miss Billie’s and feast with friends.  Right before we leave I have to whip the cream (the best part is adding maple syrup to the whipped cream to go with the pie.  Yum! I’ll call my brothers in awhile – I miss them especially on the holidays.

Oak Park Methodist Church had free Thanksgiving dinner for the community for the last two years, but not this year.  The folks who were the core group for it have moved on due to marriage, life changes, and whatever else.  I hate that it didn’t survive.  It was my favorite thing that the church did.  There are several dinners in the community this time of year but this one and one other were the only ones that happened on Thanksgiving Day and that made it more special to me.  People should have somewhere fun to go on thanksgiving. People from the community that we had never seen came, but so did some of the church members – hope someone saw about them this year.

I’m thankful for Dale being here and doing well after such a bad summer.  His recuperation has been long and he still has a long way to go but he is putting on weight and eats all the time.  The only time he feels bad is right after dialysis – his blood pressure drops to about 80/50 and it takes at least til the next day for him to start feeling good again.  No dialysis today – just good friends and good food!  Have a happy holiday everyone!

1 thought on “Thanksgiving 2006

  1. B.J.

    The secret to the pie is to sprinkle the sugar liberally, then douse with the maple whipped cream on top – it soaks into the sugar and makes a kind of semi-syrup – oooey oooey goodness. It’s so good, I’ve eaten all 4 slices of pie!!! I shouldn’t need to eat again until sometime next week, lol.

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