My last post, I talked about wishing for time, and I think I’m going to get some today! It’s not even 6:30 a.m. so I haven’t gotten the kids up yet and it looks wet out but not too bad. I checked out the radar on intellicast though and there looks to be a huge area of snow headed our way. The thermometer on my back porch says 40 but the weather report says it is just going to get colder. The school closings north and west of us are streaming across the bottom of the screen so I will just keep watching. My school is in town but my kids’ school has a large rural population so I expect they will decide to close first.

Growing up in Michigan snow and ice were inconveniences that made getting to school and work more troublesome but it had to really be bad for us to miss. I remember mornings when everyone on our street helped push each others’ cars out to the main road where the salt trucks and snow plows were already out working. I remember one year when the snow drifted as high as our roof in the corner by our front porch and of course we built a snow fort that we could actually get inside.

Now that I’m grown, I still get excited at the prospect of snow. Our Christmas tree is up, but looks sad and naked, it would be a good day to decorate it and make some soup.

It looks like we will be going to school after all but I suspect we will be coming home early. I’m glad I’m not the one responsible for making these decisions. I would worry more about everyone trying to get home if it gets bad. Everyone will be excited and a lot of kids won’t show up at all.

I will bring home things to work on and read and hopefully get a latte on the way home. Then I will take a minute! Be careful out there everyone!

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