I’d Like To Buy A Minute

All the Web 2.0 apps out there and the productivity suites and all of the wonderful things you can find on google and ebay and yet nothing that gives us more time. I know this is kind of a silly post but when the holiday season starts approaching it always seems that I am running as fast as I can just to stay in place and usually not even managing that.

I wish there was a time store with a drive through window (which would save time of course!). You could even buy gift cards there and give them to your friends and family for Christmas! I’d like an extra hour of sleep, two hours of uninterrupted work time, an extra day to catch up on laundry, and maybe a few “free” days just to set aside for whatever I want in the future. I could use a whole day at a time or maybe divide it up and use it as needed. How about a few extra hours added to a good time. You could pay them back by subtracting them from a bad time.

I purchase minutes for my daughters trac phone. Maybe I could buy some extra ones and keep them for myself.

I’d like some time for playing with Toufee (on a faster connection than I have at home LOL) and time to work on a blog strictly for the computer lab. I’d also like some time to work on learning more about creating themes for WordPress and I’d like to learn about Apple-scripting. I would also like to work more with html and css.

If anyone has any spare time I would gladly pay you Tuesday …..

1 thought on “I’d Like To Buy A Minute

  1. Vicki A Davis

    Easiest way to buy a minute — sit down and take it. It is a self discipline which is tough for us type A personalities (Most of whom seem to be bloggers.) I find myself thinking the same thing.

    Great reflective post! I feel the same way!

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