Good Health News

After three weeks of escalating worry about my health I think we may be out of the woods. Medication seems to be the key and we just need to hear about the biopsies but the doc seemed to think everything would be okay.

Everything has been on hold for me but not because I was scared for myself. Funny – I can put myself in the Lord’s hands but I have some issues about trusting Him with my family. Maybe it’s a lesson I need to learn. There’s is a line in a Bill Engvall skit where he says there is one thing the Lord needs to know – he’s a C student. I seem to fit in that category as well.

I am grateful and relieved, and exhausted and as Scarlett would say “I’ll think about that tomorrow”. Thanks to all for prayers and thoughts.

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  1. Dee Post author

    Thanks Denise. You will be absolutely shocked to know that I ran away from home, went shopping and bought clothes and make-up and an Iris Johansen mystery to read – all non-computer related activities LOL

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