Mama’s City Chicken (This Contains Meat!)

Time for weekly recipe! This was my very favorite thing Mama made for supper when I was growing up. It didn’t matter what else we had with it. The surprise is there is NO chicken in it. The amounts are approximate since this is one of those recipes that you don’t have to be perfect with. You need short wooden skewers and I couldn’t find them so I got hubby to cut long ones in half for me. I have made this using just pork when I couldn’t find veal and it was just as good.

About a pound of veal (cut in one inch cubes)

About a pound of pork (cut in one inch cubes)


Cornmeal, salt, pepper

Alternate pork and veal on skewer. Roll in beaten egg. Roll in cornmeal and seasonings. Brown in electric frying pan (about 350 degrees)

Cut up one onion on top of the meat. Add about a cup of water, turn down to 250 degrees and simmer till some of the liquid cooks down. Check occasionally so it doesn’t cook dry.

Serve this with mashed potatoes and your favorite veggie or salad. Yum!