And So It Begins

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner yesterday – we have decided Robin has to make dressing next year (we are in quest of the perfect dressing/stuffing).
This evening Dale and I go to the airport to pick up his sister who is donating a kidney to him. She just called to tell him she is at the airport in Lafayette waiting to board.

She and her son have never flown so they are just excited about the trip right now. I took care of some more last minute things today and cleaned most of the day. I have nearly caught up on laundry, picked up the dry cleaning, got a spare tire for my son so he doesn’t end up stuck on the side of the road, and put together my reading/writing bag. I am packed for the most part and I’m sure I will forget something but the kids will be coming to visit so they can bring stuff.

I have my latte to keep me awake on the trip to the airport. I detest this drive and I especially hate going to the airport. I hate parking, I hate trying to get from the car to where you can pick up your person, and I hate trying to find the car after all that. We have parked and ridden the shuttle before but with this being the end of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend we will be lucky to find a place to park period.

We are all grouchy and snappy with each other and I can tell we are stressed. We are ready to begin.

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  1. Dee Post author

    Thanks Denise – I hope you are recovering and Thanks Robin and yes we mean you! Last year my dressing was gummy. This year your mom thought hers was a bit dry so we took a vote and you get the next attempt!

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