Aaaaarg Or So It Begins Part II..

We got almost to the airport when my cell phone started ringing, beeping, and vibrating all at once. Of course it was in my pocket under my seat belt and I was in the middle of traffic on 75! I finally managed to retrieve it and handed it to Dale who is even more cell phone challenged than me. It was my son – Dale’s sister’s flight was canceled. She was trying to get another flight and would call him back. We finally found a place to pull off and I called her. She was in line trying to get another flight and we arranged for her to call us back when she had an answer. We walked around Office Depot and Circuit City, cell phone in hand waiting for the call.

We did discuss waiting in the parking lot and hoping to spy some little old lady with cigarettes but we did not smoke.  This has to be some kind of award winning mark of self discipline. She now has a flight scheduled to arrive tomorrow afternoon as there were NO more flights out of Lafayette tonight. A half tank of gas and several hours later we are home.
I am decidedly UNhappy with American airlines and of course worried about her getting bumped or something else happening tomorrow.  Thanks to all of you who are praying for us and please keep praying that she gets here!
This is NOT going to be a transplant omen.

1 thought on “Aaaaarg Or So It Begins Part II..

  1. Carolyn Foote

    Keeping you in our thoughts. Hope things go better tomorrow!

    p.s. American is on my bad list as well–used to be great, but too many problems lately.

    Take care, and hang in there!

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