Pre-Surgery Sunday to Monday

Yesterday we got Sondra home.It was a rainy cloudy day and again today the weather was cold and wet. This morning we went to both the church we attend now and the church we had attended for ten years before this, and got prayed over at both places.

A cousin of Dale’s and his wife and family came from out of town to be there for prayer at the first one. We have missed folks from the second and it was especially good to see and hug old friends. After the service they had us come down front and most everyone came and stood with us for prayer. We were talking to a few at the end and I looked up and the daughter of a friend was standing there just looking at me. It took a moment to realize that she couldn’t speak but she had big tears in her eyes. I hugged her and told her it would be okay.

We had just enough time to eat lunch and load up the car for Dallas. We made it back to Dallas after limping along through slow traffic and went to pick up the keys for Twice Blessed House. Instead of having us one two bedroom they had two one bedroom apartments which meant two deposits and two payments. I hope to talk to someone about that tomorrow since no one for the actual apartments was here tonight. No one let us know anything was different and we had called to confirm our reservation so I am not happy about that. We were tired, grouchy, and hungry and went to eat and to Target to pick up some things that will be needed.

I don’t have access here which is a disappointment but I’ll have to live with that. Through all this my nine year old nephew has been wonderful. He dealt with the flight cancellation, road trip to Texas, staying over night with strangers, driving two hours from the airport to our house, sitting through two church services, driving back to Dallas, all more maturely than I did, I think. Tomorrow is tests and dialysis. The rest of the sisters will be driving in as well as my kids so they will all be here for the surgery Tuesday morning.

Posting from Baylor Monday morning!

2 thoughts on “Pre-Surgery Sunday to Monday

  1. Frances

    Wow – I’ve been away and without access for a week now, and so I couldn’t get caught up until this morning! SO glad to hear that things are progressing **fairly** smoothly, and know that my prayers are now added to the stream heading to God’s ear on your behalf. Remember to take care of yourself, too.

  2. Denise

    I’m glad things are finally happening for you guys. Before you know it, it will all be over and you’ll have a healthy husband once again. Lots of prayers for you and yours this week. Love you!!

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