And So It Begins Part III

Sondra is here! She would have had a 4 hour layover in Houston if she had flown but there was a couple who was driving to Frisco and they adopted her and Michael. They drove them to Frisco, had them spend the night with them and took them to the airport this morning to deal with the ticket refund stuff. We picked her and Michael up and finally made it home. We stopped in Frisco and ate lunch and Dale said something to Michael about taking him back to the airport – Sondra said she would rather have a kidney removed than go back to the airport.
We didn’t know she had decided to drive until this morning when Dale called her. It’s a good thing we didn’t know or we wouldn’t have slept.

Michael was a little disappointed that he didn’t get to fly but we’re getting him pizza tonight and promising that he will be able to fly home soon.