Transplant Update

First – if I forgot to call you – I’m sorry.  I was stressing over the kids driving home and trying to keep up with Dale and Sondra and anyone that knows me knows I can’t multi-task!

Dale is in a room.  They told him he can probably have “real” food at supper – as opposed to liquids only.  Sondra is having some pain today but she has been up walking a little so she is still making progress.  She already had some real food (which we are not telling Dale yet since he is hungry) and I’m hoping that a little food will help them both sleep better tonight. I may go back to the apartment and sleep. I got Sondra moved out of her apartment this morning and switched over to ours so when she is released from the hospital I can just take her home with me until she is ready to fly home.

I want to take a moment to post a few links.  Jeff Boggs has a link on the Teche Matters part of the Kane Radio 1240 Station Website  for the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency and interviewed Sondra on the radio this morning.  There will be a link to the interview so you can listen to it but it’s not up yet.  You will be able to find it here. I am adding a link to a page at Baylor about organ donation.

I’ll try to post again tonight!