Day Three Of Transplant

I went back to the apartment and slept last night and evidently I needed it because I didn’t know a thing til 5:30 this morning and then I was awake and ready to go. I did some straightening up and got things ready because Sondra should get to go there today. I checked on her a bit ago and she was sound asleep. They had given her something for gas and she was finally able to rest easy.

I didn’t know that they use air during laparoscopic surgery (not sure how that is spelled) so there is gas in your body after and it tends to migrate to your shoulders and is extremely painful. It slowly got better during the day yesterday and I think it must be much better now because she never moved when I peeked in on her. She looked like she was actually resting instead of napping.
Dale went for a short walk this morning and is napping. They should be bringing him breakfast soon and while he is eating I’ll go check on Sondra again. Her doc should be making rounds around 8:00. It’s going to be a busy day!

Here is a picture of Dale and Sondra the morning of the surgery.
Dale and Sondra