Things Are Going Well

Sondra got to leave today. She is at the apartment and I will be putting her on a plane tomorrow. She and I went and ate supper with the other residents of Twice Blessed House this evening. The Junior Service League did the cooking and we got to meet a few other folks there.

Dale made two trips around the nurses station today so he is slowly getting stronger. He ate a bit more too.

I spend a large amount of time either hunting a parking space or trying to find the shortest route to or from wherever I have ended up parking the car. The silly part is I can see the apartments from the hospital. I would probably do better with a bicycle (providing I could still ride one – it’s been a few years!)

The big excitement of course is the Cowboys/Packers game. Funny thing about life – ordinarily Dale would have it on and be yelling at the tv while I frown about all the noise and end up in the bedroom on the laptop. I’m still on the computer but he could care less about the game and is catnapping.

Here is a picture from earlier today, just before I took Sondy to the apartment.
post transplant

They both look good for just having had major surgery don’t they? She will never know just how much this means to all of us.