Sunday Day Six

I stayed here at the hospital last night and I’m so glad I did. Dale was up most of the night – every hour or so his blood sugar would drop and they would have to give him dextrose.  They say this is from the medicine they gave him yesterday morning to counteract high blood sugars he could have because of the prednisone. It takes about 24 hours for that to get out of your system and we are nearing that mark so maybe it will get better.

They are giving him dextrose which is basically sugar water and they are giving him a diuretic to help him keep making urine,  He is making urine but still feels miserable like he is carrying too much fluid.
Basically it looks like the kidney is producing urine – it just isn’t filtering.  The creatinine was up again but just by a little so there is some hope that maybe this is turing around.

In the meantime he has swelling and that is giving him pain.  They can only stick fingers on one hand because they still preserve the fistula arm in case dialysis is needed again so his fingertips are sore – thank goodness he still has the central line so they can administer everything else there instead of sticking him more.


They took him to dialysis at 11:00.  He is retaining fluid and it’s causing him trouble breathing.  They are doing the kidney biopsy tomorrow so they can determine what medication to give him that will turn around the rejection.