TGIF Even in Transplant Land!

I’m sitting here looking at Dale who is wearing pants for the first time in a while!  That sounds kind of funny doesn’t it? His creatinine was down to 5.6 today!!!! We are getting to go for a walk off the floor after the docs come through so he will get some fresh air.  It is supposed to be a whopping 80 degrees here in Dallas today so we will make a little trip outside.

I’ll try to post later but wanted to share this good news.  For the uninitiated we want the creatinine to end up as close to 1 as we can get so every point is progress.

3 thoughts on “TGIF Even in Transplant Land!

  1. Sally McEwin

    Prayers are heard and answered! Yea for Dale and Sondra’s kidney! Now that does sound funny! Ha! We’re all thinking 1’s so tell Dale to keep up the good work.

    Miss ya and love ya!

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