As long as everything looks good again tomorrow we get to go to Twice Blessed House. The dietition came and gave us a lot of information on diet because for the time being with the high doses of steroids on board he is diabetic. The diet is so much better than the renal diet in terms of him being able to add back foods he likes that he is feeling pretty good about it. He has no problem sticking himself which is good because I’m not sure I could do that. The things he is going to get to eat that he hasn’t been allowed for four years are sweet potatoes, beans, nuts, cheese, and milk. He also has had to be careful about eating vegetables that are high in potassium (which is most of them) so now he can have tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, and potatoes!

We went for a walk and sat outside for a few minutes. It is such a pretty day!

5 thoughts on “WhooHoo!

  1. Sally McEwin

    First pants now potatoes! What a gift! Keep up the good work and we’ll see you in Paris, TX soon. Hope you have coats because the blue norther is Sunday. Still in our prayers….

  2. Sondra

    Dale you look great!!! Finally the cheese you wanted now is the time. Ha! Eat and enjoy! Wonderful to hear such great news! Love ya’ll bunches, keep up the great work.

  3. Bobby

    Looking Good! BUT….will need help with the side barn door soon….before cold weather comes.

    Hurry Home

  4. Denise

    Way to go, Dale!! You guys are an inspiration. Enjoy all of that great food, and kick up your heels when you leave the hospital. Stay inside and warm this weekend, though. Thinking happy thoughts for you guys tonight.

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