You are all making us cry with the comments!  Thanks for all the support and BJ thanks for hauling my kids around!

Dale’s creatinine was down to 3.4 today so it is coming on down but his potassium was up kind of high.  It was explained to us that the body is going through a lot dealing with all the new medicines and the kidney trying to get woke up and working right and that all these things should balance out.  Dale asked how long before they start backing down on some of the meds and the doc said the first milestones would be at one month and three months so if everything is stilling going well at one month then he should be able to take less meds and that should help him feel better. He is a walking chemical plant right now – he says he should rattle when he walks!

He takes 3 different anti-rejecton, two antibiotic, sodium bicarb, a diuretic, a pepcid (probably to keep his stomach from freaking out over all the other stuff!), an after meals pill, 2 blood pressure, and a few more I can’t even remember.  One of the anti-rejection drugs he takes is 3 capsules 4 times a day!

He has to go have labs drawn again in the morning to check that potassium. If it isn’t one thing right now it’s another!

It is brrr cold now too.  I guess winter held off as long as it could.  I will be happy as long as there is no ice.  No one in Dallas will be safe if I have to drive on ice here.   We are going to go back to the apartment in a few moments and stay warm and dry!

I talked him into buying a cardigan sweater the other day – he has always worn pullovers.  He liked it so much we went back and got him two more.  He looks a little like an absent-minded professor in it.

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  1. Jessica

    Haha you’re right mom, no one will be safe in Dallas with you on the road. heehee. We finally finished getting the tree up, and we have the lights on, but no ornaments yet. I’ll do them ASAP. =] I got the tree skirt but I could find the tree cloth that goes under the skirt. I’m gonna start setting your village up soon, so it’ll be mucho christmas when you guys come home. =] it wasn’t the same putting the tree up without you guys, but that’s alright. I can’t wait to see this weekend, whether you’re coming here or we’re going there.
    Love you always and forever, Jessica

  2. Sondra

    So good to hear ya’ll are doing so great!!! I want to know how in the world is Dale wearing jeans??? I can get mine on, but still uncomfortable. I am amazed! Keep up the good work. Dallas Transplant wants to see me in Feb.’08 so hopfully I will see you all then. Dale you are looking so good, that makes me sooo happy!!!

  3. Sally McEwin

    You’ve made the connection with Dale and Earl….love jokes and look like absent minded professors! Ha! Wonder where Earl gets all those great laughs?
    Dale looks great (how is Dee?) and the Farmers Market picture is beautiful….what color and Troop support, too! Do stay warm and know that our thoughts are with you all.

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