Another Day In Transplant Land

I came down to the coffee shop to post this and a couple was in here that haad to leave and go to the emergency room.  He had a transplant 2 years ago and they were sitting there and he started to have a nosebleed.  I told her how to get to emergency (just a few moments from here) since he didn’t want her to call paramedics.   Husbands – sheesh.

Now for the post I had written!

We are getting braver.  We pick a direction and drive and just make sure we can keep some landmarks in view.  We ventured downtown today and made our way around to an Albertson’s grocery store.  We managed to find our way home just fine.
My brother just found out he is diabetic.  When I get internet access again I will be sending him information and I know his wife will be sending me some too.  Dale has been able to keep his sugar down a bit by walking.  We get out of this apartment every chance we get and walk.  He may be moving slow but he is moving and it helps.

I have discovered the joys of steamed veggies and I’m getting ready to steam a bunch and cook some brown rice and pork loin to make some stir fry.
I want to take a moment to thank our kids.  I can’t imagine being able to do this if they weren’t the people they are.  I know they want us home but they have managed to make it to school and work.  My daughter got first chair at all-region and my son is keeping up in debate.  He has gotten multiple awards at the last two meets.  For them to do all this with us gone is awesome and I want them to know how much we appreciate them for hanging in there.

We love and miss you guys and we need you to know that we appreciate you and know how hard this is.  Dad and I will be home as soon as we can!

5 thoughts on “Another Day In Transplant Land

  1. Jessica

    aww i love you mom!! i miss you guys oodles and boodles, but i know that you guys are over there for a good reason, and i know that you’ll be home soon.
    as for the all-region thing…i don’t think i couldn’t have made first chair, even if i wanted to. haha. j/k. Love ya bunches!

  2. Denise

    Glad to read that you’re getting out and exploring Big D. Next thing you know, you’ll be driving around downtown while you’re on the cell phone. (Austin flashback…haha!!) I’m proud of you!!

  3. B.J.

    Well, I think the reason Kinsey and Jessica are doing so well has alot to do with the parents…you’ve both raised some very good kids.

  4. Sondra

    Was sooo great to hear your voice! Keep up the great work and can’t wait to talk to you again. Keep adventuring out there is no telling what you will see. Love you both!

  5. Sally McEwin

    Steamed veggies, rice and pork loin sound good to us. Althea is here reading with me…she is way too busy for this time of year. She said Dee’s gonna make me cry! (reading about the kids) We are all so very happy for each and everyone of your family. It’s good to have the internal support of family, but your external supporters are here, too. Keep those points dropping! Love to all!

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