Weekend Update (No Not Saturday Night Live)

Well we are playing with medicine again. The other day they put Dale on a 100 mg diuretic. He lost 10 pounds in two days. His creatinine level was up a little again so we are on a roller coaster ride again. They stopped the diuretic and upped the prograf which is anti-rejection.

We think they should have put him on less of a dose of diuretic to begin with and maybe we wouldn’t have gotten in this shape. We keep hoping they know what they are doing but a lot of it seems like a guessing game as they tweak the meds.

They did another ultrasound and everything looked fine but they don’t want him to wait til Monday to do labs so we will go over to Baylor Sunday and they will check his labs then and see how we are doing.

The ultrasound and extra labs are because he had the early rejection and they are being extra careful but it is worrisome and spending extra time doing medical stuff is not Dale’s idea of fun.

BJ and our daughter came to visit today and that helped a lot. We made a trip to the Whole Foods Market just because we could wander around there for hours. I bought some orange cauliflower to cook tomorrow and I have chicken breasts marinating. We are bored and mostly just want to come home and we know the best way to get there is to get well. I’m sure the sentence about chicken will net me some interesting spam – where would be on the internet without spam! I never thought about the origin of calling all the junk spam – guess I will have to research it. It makes perfect sense though – all fat, sodium, and mystery “meat” – absolutely no nutritional value – yep, that’s spam.

I know this is a pretty random post but that is the kind of mood I am in. I made a visitor’s pass to hang in BJs car at the apartment so he wouldn’t get towed because the office is closed on the weekend. I used a bobby pin and a surgical mask. Jessica thought it was funny and took a picture.

you do what you gotta do! I’ll post again after we get the next labs!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Update (No Not Saturday Night Live)

  1. Carolyn Foote

    Dee and Dale,

    Hang in there. I’m sure the waiting and ups and downs can get to you.

    Whole Foods sounds like a great idea–hope those chicken breasts turned out well!

  2. Bobby

    Brighter days are ahead–just hang in there–what would you do w/o whole foods to roam?? Thinking postive thoughts about you two.


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