Sunday Morning Labs

We are early and waiting for lab results which won’t be posted for an hour and a half or so. We decided to have breakfast while we wait.

I forgot to mention in my last post that BJ and my daughter made Fettucine Marsala and chicken with Marinara Sauce and brought some to us. Evidently they cooked two boxes of fettucine not realizing how much it would make. Everyone ended up with some. It was delicious and my kitchen has been cleaned!  They brought me Latte from Paris Coffee too – there is NOTHING here that compares!  I miss it and appreciate it so much when they bring it even if I have to warm it up.


Got the labs back.  His creatinine was down a bit but his Prograf level was up (the anti-rejection drug that they increased the other day!)  Now we have to completely lay off the prograf until after his labs in the morning.  Sheesh.

My son is here and we have already shopped and we are back at the coffee shop. He and Dale are reading the paper while I post this.  I’ll post again after his labs tomorrow.  Hello to everyone and I hope you are all staying warm!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Labs

  1. Sondra

    Hang in there guys, gonna get this right and then ya’ll will be home free. Thanks alot for posting info all the time, I am checking everyday and it is appreciated!!! I would like to thank BJ for being there for Jessica and Kinsey, that is what friends are for! Take care and love you guys.

  2. B.J.

    Thanks, Sondra – I may not have given Dale a kidney (what an awesome thing YOU did!) but I will do what I can for Dale, Dee, and their kids. They are very wonderful people, and if I have to make a special trip to Dallas just so Dee can have her caramel macchiato latte from Paris Coffee, then that’s okay! And their kids are the best – I guess I’m acting as a stand-in parent for them right now, and you couldn’t ask for two better kids.

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