Still Here!!

At least it was sunny and warm today. We got out for awhile and even broke down and bought Dale a cell phone. We figure he is going to need to be able to reach us if he needs to.

We are hoping to sneak home for Christmas even if it means going for labs Christmas eve morning and then heading home and being back here Christmas day night. It would at least be one night at home and with the kids. Hopefully we will be home soon. Even if it means driving over here two days a week I think we would do it.

Dale is feeling better today so we will see what the numbers are tomorrow. We are heading to the store to get something for supper and then maybe watch a movie if we don’t go stir crazy!!!

3 thoughts on “Still Here!!

  1. Denise

    I’m glad Dale is feeling better today. And now he has a cell phone. The next thing you know he’ll be asking for the Centro that Chris just got. Boys and their toys!! Have a great day tomorrow, and we’ll expect good numbers so that you guys can really seriously start thinking about getting to come to Paris sometime soon. Miss you!

  2. Rick Johnson

    Dee and Family, thanks for staying in touch. Hope things are getting better every day. We have just survived 2007 school year and not sure about 2008. It has been tough not having you guys here in Paris. Our secret santa party was a blast. Hope to see you soon. Happy Holidays, Rickster

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