Shhhhh – We Snuck Home!

Just for the night – we aren’t really telling anyone yet because he doesn’t need any visitors yet. He just had to get out of that apartment.

His creatinine was 2.1 today and his potassium was down a bit. We are going to have to watch the potassium for awhile because some of the meds will mess with the potassium so we have to try to not add to the problem with diet. Of course the things that are high in potassium are things like milk, vegetables, beans, nuts – the very things he was hoping to get to eat after transplant. It will get better as they back off the meds but for the next few weeks, no fun food.
If his labs are good again Friday the doc said he could skip Monday so we could enjoy Christmas without a doctor appointment in the middle of it. I am hoping for warm weather – Dale just wants to sit on his back porch. We are so ready to be home.

4 thoughts on “Shhhhh – We Snuck Home!

  1. Sally McEwin

    What a gift! Home for a few hours anyway….keep those numbers coming down….good food can wait for the celebrations this summer! Miss you much and think of you all. Bet sleeping in your own bed was fantastic. Be safe and have a special joyous holiday. Thanks for the posts for updates (and entertainment…you two are hilarious even in the face of adversity.) Merry Christmas!

  2. Denise

    Good for you guys! Like Dorothy says, “There’s no place like home.” I’m so glad you got to sneak home for a few hours with the possibility of being home for Christmas. What a great Christmas present for all of you. In the grand scheme of things, absolutely nothing else matters!

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