I watched Quarterlife on television tonight. I had already seen it on MySpace and the Debut episode was the same as what had already been online. I think I liked it better when it was just online. I could put on my ear buds and work on a blog post while I watched a show online told front he point of view of a blogger.

It really is just a soap opera – same old story, different venue. Young people, angst with blogging thrown in. Yada yada yada. I had hoped for a little more. I’ll watch a few more times and give it a fighting chance

The narrator/blogger claims at first to be honest and driven to blog about what moves her which is really just her self-justification for telling her friends secrets online. She is not as open about herself and at the point in the plot where she makes the decision to put herself out there something happens that makes that piece of film end up in the trash bin.

I have often wanted to blog about something that happened during my day and couldn’t because it might hurt someone or cause problems at my job. I have for some time thought about starting a blog somewhere and being completely anonymous and telling stories that usually only get told in my head. I would disguise names and places.

Do you think it would be freeing? I think so. The things that happen in my life that are interesting or funny or sad, are usually things I can’t tell about here because most of the VERY SMALL group of people who read this blog would know immediately who I was writing about.

I don’t know that I will actually start a new blog but I will enjoy thinking about the personalities. I may try to write the debut post just to see if I can write something worthy of ‘blogging around”.

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