Ten Things You May Not Know About PowerPoint

  1. You can put single words in separate text boxes and animate them
  2. You can insert an autoshape and then have your text wrap within the shape
  3. You can decide if the animation should start after the preceding action or wait for you to click a mouse or presenter, or set the timing
  4. You can have more than one object animated on a slide
  5. You can add shapes and pictures and move them on top of or under other items like a stack of pictures and words by arranging/send to back or bring to front
  6. After you choose an animation you can click the effect tab and make the text change color, play a sound, appear a word or a letter at a time
  7. the effects tab will also let you group to second level paragraphs to give you more control of how bulleted lists appear (called a build)
  8. have a chart appear on the slide, one element at a time
  9. add buttons or pictures that let you navigate around your slideshow. You decide what gets clicked and where it sends you
  10. Draw comic book type illustrations using the lines in the autoshapes menu and fill shapes with gradients to give the illusion of shading

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