Just a Family Update

My son called last night. He and the rest of the NL Debate team and their coaches are in Las Vegas for Nationals. There are seven debate students, two coaches, and their son in a van pulling a u-haul trailer full of luggage, a huge ice chest, cases of evidence and dollies for hauling the evidence cases around.
They have been to The Painted Desert, Hoover Dam, The Petrified Forest, and the Grand Canyon and are still speaking to each other. Last night they made it to Vegas and the hotel they had reserved had a few guests that decided at the last minute to extend their stay so the hotel just gave their reservations away. On top of that, instead of calling the coaches cell number which she gave them as the designated contact number, they called yesterday to her home number in Paris to tell her. This meant they had no idea until they showed up at the hotel that they had no rooms. They were supposed to stay at Homewood Suites Henderson Nevada Hotel. They ended up at Circus Circus on the strip. THAT should be interesting!

My daughter got her drivers license (finally) this week so I haven’t been able to run a single errand myself all week. She is going to try to find a summer job and I am hoping that with her skills with Microsoft Excel and Access that she will find something besides slinging burgers.  She has decided to try to do municipal band this year as they can use a base clarinet player so at least I won’t have to drive her to practice everyday!

Dale and I are having a pretty peaceful summer so far – aside from the kids stuff that is!  I am all for keeping it that way!

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  1. julie

    I read quite a bit of your blog…very interesting. 🙂

    I was sad to hear about Tim R. as well. His son gave a great interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show. He seemed like a great kid and hopefully he will be able to help his mom who I am sure is devastated and shocked.
    Have a great summer Dee.

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