Scottish Shortbread

Before my mother passed away, I was able to go on a trip with her to Scotland.  and one of the things I loved about the trip was tea in the hotel room.  Whenever we would return with the tour group from wherever we went for the day, there would be time to rest in the room and there would be a tea set and Walker Shortbread.

I can buy Walker Shortbread here in the states but it is expensive,  Starbucks carries it in a little two cookie pack that costs over a dollar.  I have been on a search for a recipe that would be comparable.

I found a recipe and Dale made it for me – it is wonderful.

It is basically a ratio of 3 parts flour, 2 parts butter, and one part sugar. While you are shopping for ingredients look for parchment paper as well.
A pound of butter is 2 cups so this works well if you use 3 cups flour, one pound or 2 cups butter (and I do NOT mean any wimpy margerine people!  I mean regular, clog the veins, real food not chemical BUTTER!)

Put the butter in a mixing bowl and let it come to room temperature.  Add the flour and sugar and mix with your hands.  This will be a really gooey dough.  Have some flour on the counter and turn it out onto the flour.  knead and add more flour til you can make it into a big ball.  I added a bit of confectioners sugar this last time as we were kneading it which helped to make it less gooey and also made it taste a bit sweeter.  We learned that instead of rolling the dough into balls and flattening them you can shape the dough into logs and wrap in saran wrap.  Chill for several hours or over night and then you can slice the cookies.   Much faster, not nearly as messy, and great results!
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Cut parchment paper and place it on your cookie sheets.  Slice the dough about a quarter of an inch thick and place on the parchment paper. Leave about a half inch between cookies as they will spread a bit while baking.

Bake for about 15 to 20 minutes.  This depends on the  thickness of your cookies, the actual temperature of your oven, and your personal preferences.  Just check them at about 13 to 15 minutes.  I like mine when they are just beginning to brown on the edges.

Remove them from the cookie sheet and let cool on the counter.  Stack them gently in a container and when you are ready make yourself your favorite cup of coffee or a cup of strong tea with a bit of unbleached turbinado sugar in it and you have a little piece of heaven!

3 thoughts on “Scottish Shortbread

  1. Robin

    I discovered shortbread in Scotland, too. I LOVE it with some tea.

    My mother-in-law showed me how to make it this weekend. I almost wish it was not so easy to make because I have a feeling I might make it all the time.

  2. Annette Thomas

    Hey, it’s funny you are talking about your trip with Mom. I had to teach our GA’s class 2 weeks ago and the lesson was on Scotland! I told them about our first footing traditions, and your haggus experience. They all got grossed out by that one.LOL They had a recipe for the cookies in their book. They made them with their regular teacher the next week and they were awesome, but the only difference with your recipe is that they used brown sugar. I’ll call you when I find the book and give you all the info so you can try them too.
    Love you guys!

  3. Dee Post author

    Robin – it is TOO easy to EAT LOL.

    Nette! I have GOT to call – don’t know why I haven’t already! Talk to you soon!

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