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Healthy Skillet Supper

It has been awhile since I posted a recipe and the other day I found one on Pinterest that I wanted to try. I did a little bit of creative modification but it turned out delicious and made several meals for Dale and I. The original recipe used white minute rice in the skillet. I used brown rice for less carbs and served the mixture over the rice. I added the corn and seasonings.

You could substitute yellow squash or eggplant and try adding some cilantro and lime juice.

Easy Skillet Supper

While the skillet is cooking put on some brown rice to cook – it takes about 45 minutes and should be ready by the time the rest of your meal is done.

3 medium zucchini, washed and cubed
1 medium onion chopped
saute in olive oil with a little cumin, garlic, salt, and pepper

drain one can of black beans and one can of whole kernel corn
add to the skillet and add a little chili powder
stir and cook over medium heat for a few minutes
add one can of mild rotel tomatoes
stir and let simmer for about ten minutes

Serve over brown rice with a little shredded cheese. Garnish with sour cream.

Now You’re Cooking!

There is an interesting take on tutorials from Guy Kawaski (and a recipe and demonstration for making his world famous Teriyaki sauce)  It is worth the visit just for that! Show how to do something in about two minutes!

His cooking demonstration is an episode at There are plenty of videos as well as recipes in text form.  I don’t know about you but there are plenty of times I have read a recipe and felt a little nervous about parts of it.  A demonstration would have been great!  Now you can have one and you can even subscribe in your feed reader or through iTunes and for those of you that do not like rss, you can subscribe to the email updates.

There are other resources as well, including reference charts for safe cooking temperatures, conversion and measurement charts, explanations on equipment and how to use it, and general how-tos for anything and everything around the kitchen.  I’ll be sending the link for this to number one son!

This will go great with my new ab lounger 🙂

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars

This weekend we will get together for a late family Christmas in Louisiana.  My job is to bring a dessert and I am bringing our family traditional Christmas goody that I have been making since Number 1 son was six and informed me that I had to make them for Christmas FOREVER.

Keep in mind that the recipe is for a double batch – 2 9×13 pans.  It’s easy to halve if you like.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees

2 18 ounce packages of chocolate chip cookie dough

2 8 oz. pkg of cream cheese

1/4 cup butter

2 tablespoons cornstarch

2 cans of Eagle Brand

2 eggs

2 tsp vanilla

12 oz. pkg of mini chocolate chips

Put cookie dough in the pans and let it soften a bit.  Press it into the bottom of the pans.  Beat together softened cream cheese, butter, and cornstarch.  Beat in Eagle Brand.  Add eggs and vanilla.

Pour over the cookie dough and sprinkle with handfuls of choclate chips.  Bake for 25-30 minutes.  Let cool and cut into bars.  Refrigerate.

I just gained a pound typing that 🙂

Scottish Shortbread

Before my mother passed away, I was able to go on a trip with her to Scotland.  and one of the things I loved about the trip was tea in the hotel room.  Whenever we would return with the tour group from wherever we went for the day, there would be time to rest in the room and there would be a tea set and Walker Shortbread.

I can buy Walker Shortbread here in the states but it is expensive,  Starbucks carries it in a little two cookie pack that costs over a dollar.  I have been on a search for a recipe that would be comparable.

I found a recipe and Dale made it for me – it is wonderful.

It is basically a ratio of 3 parts flour, 2 parts butter, and one part sugar. While you are shopping for ingredients look for parchment paper as well.
A pound of butter is 2 cups so this works well if you use 3 cups flour, one pound or 2 cups butter (and I do NOT mean any wimpy margerine people!  I mean regular, clog the veins, real food not chemical BUTTER!)

Put the butter in a mixing bowl and let it come to room temperature.  Add the flour and sugar and mix with your hands.  This will be a really gooey dough.  Have some flour on the counter and turn it out onto the flour.  knead and add more flour til you can make it into a big ball.  I added a bit of confectioners sugar this last time as we were kneading it which helped to make it less gooey and also made it taste a bit sweeter.  We learned that instead of rolling the dough into balls and flattening them you can shape the dough into logs and wrap in saran wrap.  Chill for several hours or over night and then you can slice the cookies.   Much faster, not nearly as messy, and great results!
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Cut parchment paper and place it on your cookie sheets.  Slice the dough about a quarter of an inch thick and place on the parchment paper. Leave about a half inch between cookies as they will spread a bit while baking.

Bake for about 15 to 20 minutes.  This depends on the  thickness of your cookies, the actual temperature of your oven, and your personal preferences.  Just check them at about 13 to 15 minutes.  I like mine when they are just beginning to brown on the edges.

Remove them from the cookie sheet and let cool on the counter.  Stack them gently in a container and when you are ready make yourself your favorite cup of coffee or a cup of strong tea with a bit of unbleached turbinado sugar in it and you have a little piece of heaven!


Yesterday I was watching Bobby Flay’s Throwdown. “Bobby challenges Maribel and Aristides Barrios, NYC restaurateurs who hail from Venezuela, to a throwdown featuring their house specialty, arepas, which are delicious grilled cornmeal patties filled with sweet and savory treats.”

I watched carefully to see how the arepas were made because they looked and sounded wonderful. When I went to the Food Network website, however, the only recipe was for bobby Flay’s and I preferred to make the original Venezuelan ones. I did some searching around and found a blog article that described them very closely to the ones on the show and had pictures. I tried to find the masa arepa (pre-cooked cornmeal) and of course I couldn’t. I got the closest thing I could which was corn flour and I think that mine are not as good as they would be with the correct ingredients. I will keep looking and if nothing else when we go for Dale’s next appointment in Dallas I will pick some up there and try some more.

They look similar to English muffins but they don’t taste the same and are different texture. They were pretty good right out of the oven with butter. The dough is very simple to make and you pick up a ball of it and basically toss it hand to hand til it makes a dense ball and then kind of rotate as you toss smoothing it into a disk about a third of an inch thick. You cook it over medium heat on a cast iron griddle or non-stick skillet. Cook about 7 minutes on each side being careful not to burn it. Place in oven for about 15 minutes to finish cooking (350 degrees).

Here is my finished result:


The recipe and other pictures can be found here.

I hope you will give it a try and let me know how it turns out for you!

Addendum:  I found the Masa Arepa and it makes a big difference in the texture and the taste.  I still need practice but my second batch was much better.  They taste just a little bit like grits.

Homemade Bread Season

The weather is finally starting to cool here and that always makes me start thinking about vegetable soup and homemade bread. Someone asked me to share my bread recipe and I’m going to in this post.

The bread that I make is called sour dough but it isn’t a true sour dough. It is made with a starter and I will share that recipe first.

You begin with 2 pkg. of yeast and dissolve it in 1/2 cup of warm water. Next you “feed it with a cup of warm water, 2/3 cup sugar, and 3 tablespoons of instant potato flakes.

Cover and let mixture sit out on the counter all day, then refrigerate for three days. A plastic butter container works fine for this. In three days you will take the starter from the refrigerator and remove a cup (just throw it away this first time). After you have removed a cup of the mixture you will feed it again and this is how you will feed your starter from now on.

1 cup warm water

3/4 cup sugar

2 tablespoons instant potato flakes

Let the starter sit out all day again and then place back in the refrigerator. The starter has to be fed every three to five days whether you make bread or not. If you do not wish to make bread, repeat the above procedure. If you wish to make bread follow the instructions below.

Remove starter from the refrigerator and feed it and let it sit out for about 8 hours. If you have a healthy working starter, at the end of the day it should look bubbly on the top and fill the house with a yeasty smell.

Now you will remove a cup of starter and pour it into a large mixing bowl. Put the rest of the starter back in the refrigerator.

To make the bread you will add the following to the mixing bowl containing the starter:

1/4 cup sugar

1/2 cup oil

1 1/2 cups warm water

1 1/2 tsp. salt

6 cups of flour (bread flour works best but you can also use some whole wheat)
I usually add 4 cups of flour and using a wooden spoon mix the batter well till you can hold the spoon sideways and the batter kind of stretches as it drips off the spoon. This “stretchy” look happens when you have mixed the dough enough to release the gluten. You can then fold in the remaining 2 cups of flour. Cover the mixing bowl loosely with a dish towel and let rise in a warm place overnight. In the morning punch the dough down and turn it out onto a floured surface. knead it a few times and divide it into three. Knead each loaf and place into three greased loaf pans. Cover with a towel and allow to rise again for 4-6 hours in a warm place.

Bake at 350 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes.

The key is having a good warm place for the dough to rise. The level of humidity seems to have some affect as well.

The also makes wonderful rolls – just divide into nine mini-loaves, knead each and place in an 8″ X 8″ square dish and continue as you would if it were in loaf pans.

This bread makes the absolute best toast and smells soooo good!

Mama’s City Chicken (This Contains Meat!)

Time for weekly recipe! This was my very favorite thing Mama made for supper when I was growing up. It didn’t matter what else we had with it. The surprise is there is NO chicken in it. The amounts are approximate since this is one of those recipes that you don’t have to be perfect with. You need short wooden skewers and I couldn’t find them so I got hubby to cut long ones in half for me. I have made this using just pork when I couldn’t find veal and it was just as good.

About a pound of veal (cut in one inch cubes)

About a pound of pork (cut in one inch cubes)


Cornmeal, salt, pepper

Alternate pork and veal on skewer. Roll in beaten egg. Roll in cornmeal and seasonings. Brown in electric frying pan (about 350 degrees)

Cut up one onion on top of the meat. Add about a cup of water, turn down to 250 degrees and simmer till some of the liquid cooks down. Check occasionally so it doesn’t cook dry.

Serve this with mashed potatoes and your favorite veggie or salad. Yum!

Apologies For Duplicate Posting And a Recipe to Make Up For It!

I have been distracted and posted the tips twice so I’m apologizing and I’m going to give you a recipe as a gift. I have decided that I will be posting a recipe here once a week since we ALL eat and I want to take care of the whole person – body, soul and brain!

This is a recipe for Corn Salsa that is actually pretty carb friendly and great for dialysis patients not to mention just plain delicious! (there’s that word again!)
Corn Salsa

1 cup fresh white or yellow corn
1/4 cup cilantro
1 cup chopped green onions
1 small fresh tomato diced
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/4 tsp ground cumin
1/8 teaspoon chili powder
Cut kernels off the cob and put them into a medium sized bowl or use frozwn corn kernels. Add remaining ingredients and mix well Adjust seasoning to taste and serve chilled or at room temperature.

Nutrient Analysis per serving (1/4 cup)
Calories 28
Carbohydrate 7g
Protein 12g
Fat 0.5g
Sodium 6mg
Potassium 86mg
Phosphorus 25mg
I use frozen corn kernels and it tastes great. It is better if you make it the day before and let it chill over night so the flavors can meld.

Good to pack in your lunchbox for a quick snack!