Busy Saturday

I have awesome kids.  One spent his entire Saturday helping coach high school debaters at a competition in Princeton.  My other one had to be at TAMU-Commerce to take her SAT at 7:45 this morning.  The test finished about twenty minutes late and we had already gotten her a burger and fries so she ate and changed into her band uniform while Dale drove much quicker than I like to get her to a band marching competition in Mesquite.  We had to drop her off in a parking lot, get her jacket zipped, horn put together, and watch her run to catch up with the band as they were going into the chute.

We made it up into the stands in time to see the band right before they played, stayed for her band’s performance (they were awesome and got a one), then, back out to the car.  We pulled around where the band truck was to take her instrument case and uniform bag to her.  She helped load the truck and we brought her home with us.  My son got home about an hour after we did and all of us are just worn out. Tired but proud of both of them for making commitments and honoring them.

2 thoughts on “Busy Saturday

  1. Dee Post author

    Thank you! Just wait – you will blink and find yourself hauling Matt around and getting all teary eyed remembering when he was little and wanted to hang with you all the time!

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