Good Bad Day

1. bad – didn’t get a teacher scheduled when she wanted
1. good, got to play with a nice big monitor (bought a bicycle lock and will chain it to my desk)
2. bad – laptop cart (really bad)
2. good – got a nice thank you email from a teacher
3. bad – can’t find any inventory info
3. good – helped a kid with their paper
4. bad – only got two things on my todo list done (and added three more)
4. good – grades got exported and it went very smoothly – preparation helped
5. good – daughter got a 29 on her ACT
6. good – hubby made me shortbread cookies
5. bad (did I mention the laptop cart?)  aaarrrg
7. good – son got a job (another one! – this one just temporary but good experience)
6. bad – the economy news is scary
6 bad 7 good – close but good wins

Guess at the end of the day it’s good to be ahead