More Band Kudos

You may be getting a little tired of me posting about “THE BAND” but it is our last year in high school so stick around – there will be an end to it.  For now a bit of bragging from another town!
Quoted from The Paris News:

We were entertained

Published November 7, 2008

To the Editor:

For over 30 years I have attended high school football games of schools of all sizes. Each of these games came with half-time performances so I have seen many of those also. Last Friday night I witnessed the best performance of a high school band I have ever seen.

When the North Lamar Panther Band took the field at Van Alstyne Friday night it was amazing. From the moment they entered the arena we were entertained. Their performance was beautiful, moving and executed in almost perfection. It was obvious that many long hours of hard work had gone into preparation for this program. The Van Alstyne fans were the recipients of an outstanding show and we appreciated it. We look forward to their performance next year!

Your community should be very proud to be home to a high school marching band and the caliber of the North Lamar Panthers. It was obvious that the students, director, administration and band parents believe in this program. Congratulations to all involved in a job well done. Good luck to the North Lamar Panther Band in their future competition!

Betty Childress

Van Alstyne

Thank you Betty!