This Tuesday’s Ten Things

1. I am a little out of my regular routine.  I pulled a muscle in my back this weekend and have been taking pain medicine while we get the computers on the new domain.

2. It has been hectic and I have learned some things as I go along but we are making progress and the teachers have really been good about the process.

3. People will be getting here for bible study in while and Dale has made Rigatoni Bolognese so I am planning on “carbing” up and starting the book of James.

4. The possibility of a server crash and having to migrate profiles is a VERY good reason to keep things organized and cleaned out on a computer.  The more junk you have the longer it takes to copy a profile and the less organized you are, the harder it is to find things as they are moved.

5.  Teachers may fuss and complain about little things but when they know you are working to get them back in business they are patient, kind, and leave candy bars in your mailbox.

6.  Nothing about computers is ever as easy and smooth as it should be.

7.  It has been rainy and cool for the last two days but today I didn’t know what it was doing for most of the day – I never had time to look outside til lunchtime and then again after 3:00.

8.  We worked last night til 8:30 and there were ten of us – techs from the other campuses came and helped and I am so thankful.  It made a huge difference in getting the bulk of the main building on the new domain,  They are a great bunch of people!

9.  I am smelling dinner cooking right now and it is making me hungry!

10.  After bible study I am going to soak in a hot tub and curl up with my book.  A good night’s sleep and I will be ready to hit it again!

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