Thinking About Change?

I always like hearing or reading what Lawrence Lessig has to say. I don’t always completely agree with him but I admire his presentation technique and he always makes me think.

Watch for this quote “they will purchase the voice of the people, and make them pay the price.”

I was unable to embed it so I hope you will click on the link and watch – it is a little bit over 12 minutes long.

2 thoughts on “Thinking About Change?

  1. Wesley Fryer

    To embed a video from blip, at the bottom of the video window to the right of the book icon, click on the icon that looks like a “less than” symbol or a pac man mouth. That is the share icon labeled “email or embed this video.” A popup window should come up, you’ll need to click the 2nd tab for “embed.” Copy that text and put that in your blog post.

    Since you’re using WordPress, you may need to paste the embed code in HTML mode rather than visual editing mode since WordPress may cut off / alter the code if you paste in visual mode.

    I hope this helps.

    I thought the quotation you cited was a thought provoking one as well.

  2. Dee

    Thanks Wesley but it seems to be a WordPress version thing. I add the embed code in the html but when I save it, it’s gone and nothing shows. I have had this problem wth YouTube as well.

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