Trying To Find A Home For A Dog

Just passing this on – hope it helps

From my friend BJ:

I found a dog on Sunday, Dec 21, behind Taco Bell (please no jokes, lol). She was looking for food, and looked at me with those pitiful eyes, lol. The cold front was starting to move through and the low was going to be 15. I didn’t want the dog to freeze or get run over, so I let her in my car. She is a black lab mix, 1-2 years old, very friendly and intelligent – she’s already learning a few commands. I would hope that the owners would read this, or that someone here on Topix knows someone who is missing a dog. You can reach me at

She’s a great dog – very friendly. I would like nothing better than to get her back to her home.

He had a major soft spot for dogs but she really does seem to be a good dog and looked like she had been well taken care of.

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  1. B.J.

    Dog Update: Still nothing, but Paris Coffee has offered to put up her picture and info and try to get her a good home. I’m designing the page right now.

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