A Long Day In Shreveport

Dale’s sister had surgery today.  It was scheduled for 10:00 and they didn’t actually take her to surgery til 1:30.  They removed two vertebrae from her neck and replaced them with bone and also cleaned off some bone spurs.  she has been fighting pain from this for years and it had gotten so bad that he arm and part of her hand was numb.  We stayed long enough to see her after the surgery and know that she was doing ok and will go back Friday.  Now she gets to spend 3 months in a rigid collar.

This surgery is last resort kind of stuff when you have pain that can’t be fixed any other way.

Pam is Dale’s oldest sister and has worked harder than most guys all her life.  She has always had a beautiful garden.  She hunts, sews, cans, landscapes, antiques, paints, and more. She isn’t very big but I don’t think she has ever been afraid to tackle anything.  Except maybe this, which is totally understandable.

She was swollen and in a little pain when we left, but considering everything, I thought she looked great. Please say a prayer for her.  She has a rough time ahead – three months of not being able to work in the yard, pick up the grandbabies, and a lot of other things she usually does.

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  1. Paige Lewis

    Dee, I will pray that the three months goes by very fast for her. She had to have a lot of pain and I hope this surgery makes it all disappear. This must have been very hard on her and the family and my wish is for here to get her life back so she can enjoy those gran babies again! You all have my prayers.

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