ScribbleSoup Prompt #59

The prompt was You know you are getting old when:
1. when someone calls the house at 9:00 at night and apologizes for waking you up..

2. when your kids ask “who is Simon and Garfunkel ?” as they go through your cassette tapes (and yes I still have them!)…

3. when your towels are older than some of your friends marriages…

4. when you spend more time in the arthritis medicine section of the pharmacy than you do at the shoe store…

5. when the local police all look too young to be carrying weapons (and you realize you are friends with their moms)…

6. When you go to the car lot and walk right past the little sports cars to the 4 door sedans and check out the height of the seat keeping in mind how far your hip will have to bend to get in and out

7. When you go to the shoe store and walk past the pretty heels and head straight for the comfortable walking shoes

8. When you can remember going to school before there were computers, cell phones, cds, or mp3 players

9. When you can watch TV Land and remember when the shows were NOT reruns and cartoons were funny

10. When you can remember hanging clothes outside to dry because it was just what you did – not because you were going “green” and you grew a garden, canned vegetable, made jelly and jam, used up, made do, and went without and didn’t think anything of it because it was what EVERYONE was doing!

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