One Word: Pastime

One Word and Fiction in 58

They sat on the dock , shoes off, feet in the water.  He would look away  and kick the water so some would splash.  She would yell, smack him and in a moment, do the same thing.  The sun was shining and they didn’t care.  They were just passing the time.  Everything was fine until the body floated by.

5 thoughts on “One Word: Pastime

  1. missalister

    You got it going on, Dee! Yet another seemingly unassuming firecracker packed so tight the big bang’ll blow your eardrums out! You are so good at these 58s. They’re such fun to read : )

  2. Sophie

    Yikes! Here I was following along smiling at the peaceful, playful scene, and them WHAM! Excellent writing, you reeled me in like a fish! 🙂

  3. paschal

    Was that body floating by the remains of your summer of fun? The Parisians seem to have body-snatched you hook, line, and sinking. The urchins have arrived down Tres Leches-way, so my body may be floating by momentarily. Don’t let your creative time get completely eaten up, hermana. Gotta remember your dockside readers.

  4. Dee

    If the body gets through this week without being covered up with tech detritus it will be resurrected like the phoenix. Hanging on by my toes right now, professor. Good luck with the urchins – right now I just have to get the Parisian shepherds in shape, equipment wise. Thanks for shining a light in the dark! Hope to be committing mayhem again very soon 🙂

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