Three Word Wednesday In Pieces

Three Word Wednesday: Fracture, Noise, and Vanish plus Fiction in 58 for good measure

In that one second, that one moment on which everything turns, the view fractured all at once, pieces of glass on the floor.  Careful not to cut your feet. No noise, not a peep, no – not one sound. There is a body. There is always a body. Slip out the back door and vanish before the sweepers come.

3 thoughts on “Three Word Wednesday In Pieces

  1. paschal

    Earfuls of Cassandra Wilson dustin’ her brooms and invitin’ folk into her kitchen, I was remarking as I read this how, for a Yankee girl, you sure got the rhythms of your adopted land. Mi esposa Tina, a Jersey girl, has it, too. She’s at her singing best when singing country songs; I reckon that’s cuz she’s a south Jersey girl.

  2. Dee

    You called it right, south Michigan, at the top of Lake St. Clair. Grew up listening to CKLW AM radio sounds of the Motor City. South Michigan to Louisiana to Texas with a few stops in between. Been south of the Mason Dixon line for more years than not AND learned to sing gospel in church – “Old Country Church” and “I’ll Fly Away” with the old folks. Love to sing harmony with them. Tina and I might have a lot in common 🙂

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