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Star Gazers to seek out ‘Lady in the Moon’

By Connie Beard

Published September 11, 2009

Valley of the Caddo Star Gazers will learn how to recognize the “Woman in the Moon” during the monthly meeting at 8 p.m. Monday, Sept. 14.

Since ancient times, people have looked for images in dark lunar markings that were caused by lava flows. Many people see the man in the moon, but others see a woman when they gaze upon the moon’s features.

“Our Woman in the Moon is a realist looking lady in profile. She is best seen in binoculars or in lunar photographs and, once recognized, she is never forgotten,” said George Leonberger of the Caddo Star Gazers.

A preview of the Woman in the Moon presentation can be seen at, a Tufts University Web site designed by Valley of the Caddo Star Gazer George Leonberger.

Also during the meeting, members and guests will identify constellations, tell star stories and watch the fall constellations which are starting to rise over the eastern horizon. Weather permitting, Jupiter will be in view. The club’s four Dobsonian telescopes are able to reveal a lot of detail on the planet.

If the night is cloudy, the group will discuss astronomy and check out telescopes to those members who want to use them until the next Star Gazer meeting.

Anyone interested in observing the night sky is welcome to attend.

Valley of the Caddo Star Gazers meet in the E.R.D.O.C. building (former Oliver Rubber Plant), 2305 N.W. Loop 286. This building is inside Loop 286 at the entrance to the exit ramp for Farm Road 79. The building has a “Caring Food Partners” sign on the front.

Nuala?  I rest my case.

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