Reading One Word At a Time

One Word prompt: paperback

All she wanted was a few moments of peace and a cup of coffee.  Not that fancy, flavored, skinny mocha  latte mochachino crap – just coffee.  She found a seat over in the corner and tiredly pulled her paperback out of her bag.  She opened it and leaned her head on one hand so that her face was partially hidden by the book.  She peeked over the cover at the room.

There were a couple of girls at the next table rattling on about the VMA awards and could you believe they were wearing the same dress?  “Wasn’t he a HAWT-E?  OMG  BFF” until she saw lips moving but heard chipmunk chatter.

A couple sat at a table in the middle and while HE went on and on about some political position that she just couldn’t possibly understand or of course she would agree with him.  Unfortunately visionary that he was, he totally missed his girlfriend flipping him off under the table or the bored yawn as she turned and glanced at me.  She  rolled her eyes.
The kid behind the counter was smiling too big and cheerful as she took orders and money and steamed milk, poured flavor and mashed lids on cardboard yuppie cups, now insulated to stave off litigation from crybaby patrons looking to get rich.

She dropped her eyes back to the book.  The picture on the cover was of some trashy looking girl with tattoos and cleavage, but the story wasn’t half bad.  Werewolves and shapeshifters, fantasy escape from irritating executives and brainless girls in four inch heels that robbed the blood from their heads.

She finished the coffee and stuffed the book back in her bag.  She dropped her cup and napkin in the trash can and thanked a kid with way too many piercings as he held the door for her and she walked to the bus stop.

She grabbed the rail as the door whooshed open and pulled herself up the steps, dropping her tokens in the container.  She found a window seat near the back and caught her reflection in the window as she plopped down on the cracked vinyl.  There were new lines around her eyes and more gray in her hair every day.  Some birthday.

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