Three Cents

One Word prompt: penny and fiction in 58 times three

A new love, bright as a new penny, not touched or spent like it would become later.  Who thinks about later at the start when it is all light and hope.  Later doesn’t get attention until it’s too late to do anything about it.  Hindsight is useless.  It develops when we’re too far down the path to change.


“Penny for your thoughts?”  He said.  But he didn’t really mean it.  He wanted at least ten dollars worth so he could use it against her, punish her for some transgression she didn’t even understand and didn’t commit.  It was always the same.  He would get her to open the wound and then he would twist the knife.


It felt good, walking in the sun.   She threw a penny into the pool, making a wish.    A kid bumped her as he ran by with his mother chasing after him.  “I’m sorry”  she blurted as she ran past, arm outstretched towards him.  “It’s okay.” I said, smiling at my reflection in the pool, and it would be.



2 thoughts on “Three Cents

  1. missalister

    Well, those were fun. Each yanked out an emotion. Actually the first penny got the whole section of cynics in the back row riled up, “Ah know das righ’!” The second one made my blood pressure rise. I could feel it like a thermometer on the wall of a house on fire. The last penny was niiice but…I’d’a smacked somebody >:-( Speakin’ of that…where is everyone, anyway??? You my personal writer now? Alright, well, have the next one on my desk by…ah, by…sometime tomorrow! Yeah, sometime tomorrow 😉

  2. Dee Post author

    Sorry I just got it on your desk – running late LOL
    These are fun to wander through in the writing, to see if the branches wave this way or that. The last one was my least favorite. I like these to build a feeling of a story in short slices and this one didn’t really have a good finish. May revisit that at some point. Off to sleep – UIL conference in the morning. Must be on the yellow dog at six freaking thirty in the a.m. on a Saturday. What was I thinking?

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