Friday Night Lights

Three Word Wednesday Accident, Loyal, Obscene

They were at the next table.  Two couples out for a little Italiano.  The guys?  Forgettable.  Looking like ex-high school football players, already showing the blurry future lines of a middle-aged paunch .  Glory days over, reality setting in, cocky smiles gone.  The girls used to line up waiting to cheer for them as they got off the bus. Cheerleaders and small town princess wanna-be’s hanging on every word they said.

The tables have turned now and the rules have changed. They defer to the ladies.  Tight jeans and Nikes have given way to spike heels and a taste for the expensive.   Khaki Dockers, starched and pressed western shirt, is with the taller brunette.  She has it all together.  Dressed all in black, she flips her hair back and smiles up at the waitress, talking just a little too loud.  Khaki squenches up his eyes just the tiniest bit at the volume. He is trying to be loyal to her but this obnoxious act is wearing thin.

Sunday jeans and cowboy boots is with the tiny one.  She had light brown hair pulled back into a clip, gold dangly earrings, innocent eyes.  He has the big goofy grin like he just can’t believe his good fortune.  She is going out with HIM!  Neither of them are having to say much.  Loud brunette girl is taking care of the conversation which is a relief to him.  Someone should throw a flag on the field for that play.

A lady with frosted big hair finished slurping her spaghetti and stood up to move around to a little keyboard.  She seated herself and thumbed through her music book and started playing Christmas songs, the half time show.

The waitress has seated them and for a moment I was busy with my own meal.  When I looked up  again, they were in the midst of ordering and little quiet girl is sitting with her back to me.  Her dress has a scoop neck back and the skin showing above the neckline is tattooed with angel wings.  I noticed this as I clearly heard her ask the waitress why they do not sell alcohol here. Cowboy boots is still grinning his obscene grin.  The waitress tells her they can bring their own and cowboy boots and khaki pants almost knock one another over trying to get out the door to bring her what she desires.  Crowd roars and horn blows, they’re  going in for a touchdown. Hoping to make the ladies happy. Khaki hoping to shut the brunette up.  Cowboy boots hoping he will get a peek at more than angel wings tonight.

Homecoming queens and kings in a northeast Texas town. The new Friday night lights.

10 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights

  1. MichaelO

    Oh, I love the characterizations here! “…already showing the lines of middle-aged paunch”! I can remember some good ole boys teasing a fellow that he uses so much starch, his jeans stand up on their own. Spot on thar, Dee. That was a hoot! 🙂

  2. ~willow~

    The tone of the piece is whimsical yet sardonic.. I like the peppering of some football terms within the piece, it goes well with the ex-players, who continue to think like footballers even though they are footballers no longer, no more.

  3. missalister

    Our Ms. Dee, callin’ the plays! Hahaaa, yeah, this is a fun one. My bet’s on Angel Wings gettin’ loud after a coupla drinks and Loud Gal getting even louder, and mean maybe. One thing’s for sure, the tension’s gonna cause them all to overdo it with the alcohol. I can see them getting so obnoxious that Big Hair Singer pitches a fit and you know where that’ll head, to her keyboard gettin’ goal-kicked all the way to next Christmas. Regardless, it promises to be one hell of a game 😀

  4. Dee

    With a little creative license, most of the components were real. the two couples, the bottle of wine they went out to the car and brought in, the angel wing tattoo, and the lady playing the keyboard. The restaurant is in Clarksville, Texas and if you are ever in the area I highly recommend it – homemade sauces and pasta and rolls that will add five pounds just from the smell. The prices are reasonable, the entertainment is free.

    Michael, thanks for dropping by – starched jeans, shit kickers and cowboy hats. Bless their little hearts!

    Tumblewords – I can’t take credit for the realism – I would like to improve on my relating it though 🙂

    Willow, I think part of my problem is my lack of understanding of football. Maybe a bit of research would have helped! We’ve all known those that couldn’t quite get past the past.

    MissA – thank you but that breeze you are feeling is my repeated outstretched arms waving as I bow. Lordy girl – you rocked it this time. I’ll be to say, all nonchalant of course, that yes, she commented on my blog before anyone knew who she was!

  5. paschal

    Read this as I blew out of here for Jersey last Friday. Glad to be back home and back reading this for all its charms. You answered my question in your comments: I was hoping beyond hope that you wuz there in person for this one. Too fun and knowing for you not to have been.

  6. Dee

    Thank you for stopping by Anthony, and for the compliment 🙂

    It was a surreal evening – the story just showed up and stayed for supper. I would have liked to follow them at a distance because I just know that I know that I know – there was more to that story!

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